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Group Event Terms & Conditions

Online group masterclasses/workshops/talks including rules & room etiquette.

Asha is pleased to provide online group services through the Zoom/Microsoft Teams platform. 
Zoom/Microsoft Teams are web based, licensed, videoconferencing tools that allows Asha and co-facilitators or guests to meet clients online to provide group masterclasses/talks/training programmes. As with in person groups, each group member agrees to adhere to clearly established rules while participating in online group activities. 

Asha will review these rules prior to the initiation of group webinar or training and ask for your commitment in abiding by them. 
1. The first rule of online group masterclasses /trainings is a commitment to respecting one another even when there are differences of opinions, values, or ideas 

2. Confidentiality of group members is of paramount importance. Therefore, what happens in group stays in group. Please make sure that as you participate in group activities at home you: 

* Participate from a quiet space which is free from distractions and interruptions by others. You must have a private space available located away from others in which to participate in group meetings. 
* Use headphones if possible while in group. If you do not have headphones, please take measures to avoid
having other people in your household overhear what is being discussed in the group. It is very important that all group members feel that their comments and contributions are confidential. 

3. When not sharing you will keep microphone muted in case of background noise as to not disturb the person currently sharing and so others can hear what is being shared. 

4. Your camera is required to remain on and visible during the interactive session to allow for group cohesion and building of the group relationship. Please check your camera settings before the start of the group activity as you will not be allowed to continue in the group if your camera is not switched on. 

5. The Group facilitator will prompt you to share so as not to have people talking over each other. If a Participant wishes to share, please raise your virtual hand. The facilitator will acknowledge you and prompt you when it is your turn to speak. 

6. Participants will download any material needed for group including handouts and worksheets. Please have a notebook and writing utensil ready to take notes or engage in the worksheets. 

7. Participants have the right not to share in the group shall they not be comfortable. Participants are encouraged to engage fully in group meetings through sharing personal experiences and discussing the topics presented by the facilitator. 

8. If not using your phone for virtual groups, you will have it off during the group. 

9. You will not be allowed to join the group once the group has started. Be prepared to remain in the group session for its entirety. 

10. If you are experiencing technical difficulties and cannot enter the virtual meeting room, please send an email. We will make every attempt to assist you in joining the meeting.

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